Fall 2021: 4 Color Trends To Follow When Decorating The Home

Do you feel the urge to update your home decor? These are the Pinterest-worthy color trends you should be aware of this fall.  It’s time to say goodbye to all-white interiors. The lockdowns of 2020 and 2021 made us miss the outside so much that this fall’s design trends are all about bringing the colors and textures of nature into our homes.

Warm, earthy tones

Of course, you can still paint walls and ceilings white if you want to, but choose a warmer shade and pair it with beige, light salmon, terracotta, or soft pink hues. This will make your living space feel cozy and inviting - just what you need when it’s getting cold and windy outside.

If you’re looking for darker tones, opt for various shades of brown. They feel warm and relaxing, and they also look great with other trendy colors like green, red, and yellow. 


Shades of green

Green is one of the colors that dominated the New York Fashion Week. But fashionable colors aren’t just for wearing - interior designers have picked up the trend as well.

The trendiest shades of green are olive and the lush, vibrant green of fresh grass. One great way to showcase the beauty of rich green hues is green velvet that looks classy and cozy at the same time.

Speaking of green: plants are a major design trend right now, too. Even if you don’t have a green thumb, you should still consider getting a few low-maintenance houseplants for each room of your home. They never really go out of style anyway. 


The colors of autumn leaves

Reds, yellows, and burnt orange shades are this season’s favorite accent colors. If you need inspiration, just imagine a joyful sunny day in the early autumn with kids throwing heaps of colorful leaves at each other and then going home to hug their cats and drink cocoa.

The best thing about natural color palettes is that they’re hard to mess up, even if you’re not an interior designer. So be brave and have fun! Scatter colorful cushions in your living room, put orange or red towels in the bathroom, hang up wall art depicting autumn landscapes… the possibilities are endless! 



Fuchsia, a bold and daring shade of pink, can be a tricky color to use in interior design. But it’s just as fashionable as the warm shades of red we’ve already discussed, so by all means experiment with it if you prefer cool hues. 

Fuchsia is a very energetic color that can get overwhelming quickly, so don’t forget to balance it out with neutrals like warm whites and beiges. You can also combine it with other luscious jewel hues like navy blue, burgundy, and emerald green. 


How to implement new color trends

You don’t have to replace your furniture or paint your entire house to incorporate these color trends. One easy way to refresh your home decor is getting new textiles: curtains, bed covers, cushions etc. They’re inexpensive and easy to replace when fashion trends change, so you can experiment freely.

In this season, the rule of thumb when decorating is staying close to nature. Think of how you feel in your favorite park or forest, and try to recreate that feeling at home. It’s that simple!  

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