Pantone`s 2023 color Viva Magenta in interior design

According to Pantone Viva Magenta, the bold color of the 2023 year is a close relative of carmine and crimson tones. It is bright, pulsating, and expressive. In which interiors will it fit best, and in what quantity?

Designed to activate the human willpower

At the beginning of December, Pantone Color Institute experts presented the new color of the year, Viva Magenta, which, according to them, can increase strength and uplift mood. Of course, in the new 2023, this shade will be included in the list of trendy colors, and we will meet it not only in web design or on the catwalk but also in interiors. 

This magical, intriguing, and enchanting crimson red shade balances a cool and warm palette. Despite the warnings of many designers, it can be appropriate in different contexts and applications. It perfectly adds a touch of drama and theatrical motifs to your interior. 

According to representatives of the Pantone color institute, Viva Magenta encourages experimentation and self-expression. It is designed to inspire people with its energy and boundlessness and is a color for lovers of life and rebels. 

As noted by the executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, Leatrice Eiseman, it is worth looking for inspiration in the surrounding nature and real life at a time of rapid technological development. Viva Magenta is designed to activate human potential and willpower. 

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Viva Magenta is easily combined with any tones

However, some designers warn that Viva Magenta may be too expressive in a home interior. Carmine's red color is very bright and intrusive, so it can prevent you from relaxing and concentrating. 

It must be taken into account that this is a very toning shade. However, you should trust your design sense and tastes in most cases. If you think the crimson tone can be an accent in your room and the primary color of the interior, feel free to realize your idea. After all, the whole point of this shade is precisely experimentation! It will look different in each interior, and each person will feel its influence in their own way.

Of course, in restaurants, nightclubs or bars, such shades have been popular for a long time. Many people are used to it, so they believe that Viva Magenta can be added to the home interior strictly dosed way - with small accents. 

Also, some designers recommend integrating it only in light interiors, which will look the most spectacular. By choosing this tone for bedding in the bedroom, you simply and easily refresh the boring interior. Moreover, it will be perfectly combined with any other shades. 

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How to create an excellent interior with Viva Magenta?

Like any interior design trend, color needs to be used in the right way. Professionals advise using crimson red color in combination with complex textures. Viva Magenta is an excellent color for textiles. Hang velvet curtains, place decorative pillows of this shade on the sofas, and spread crimson bedspreads. The trendy color goes well with velvet, corduroy, or velour! 

Viva Magenta will also be a great addition to the English interior style. This design involves strictness and moderate classics, using wood, patterned wallpaper, and textiles with various prints. Deep brown and red shades, close to Viva Magenta, will be perfectly combined with this style. Also, this tone looks good in combination with rich floral or animalistic wallpapers. You can emphasize and saturate the color by complementing it with gold accessories, vintage items, or graphic elements.

Viva Magenta is the perfect solution for bright interiors. Despite its versatility, designers recommend combining the color with the same rich and complex shades to retain its appeal. Experimental combinations with orange, yellow, pink, turquoise and blue can also win. 

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Even a slight accent is enough

Rugs are a great way to add patterns or new colors to any room. At the same time, you will not have to change the present decor. Using a rug in Viva Magenta color will create an effect of surprise and delight. Moreover, you do not need to additionally paint the walls or cover them with wallpaper of the same shade. It is unnecessary to buy a costly carpet because it is just a fashionable color, which will be replaced by a new trend. You will again want to refresh the interior of your living space.

A fantastic idea is to hang modern works of art on the walls. Thus, you will give your room a trendy look even without renovation. Neutral or white wall color will be an excellent background for Viva Magenta accents!

Give new life to your old furniture! Paint it in the most fashionable color of the coming year. This is especially true if your furniture has an outdated look and you want to reincarnate it. Viva Magenta is a refreshing, inspiring and very optimistic shade. Try painting your wooden furniture in this tone. Even a slight accent is enough to give your room the effect of positive energy and joy that Viva Magenta gives. 

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Try to experiment!

Refreshing interior design with Pantone's Color of the Year 2023 is straightforward. Try to experiment! Viva Magenta inspires playful optimism and stimulates self-expression, which are the main trends of the coming year. This vibrant crimson-red color knows how to captivate and comfort simultaneously, so do not doubt its appropriateness in your interior. Bring it into your living space with colorful artwork that you like.

Be sure to consider that the Viva Magenta color can be perfectly combined with light and neutral colors and a dark background. For example, you can make inky blue, green or turquoise shades for his companions. They will look most advantageous in combination with bright crimson red. According to the designers, it is vital to understand how close the Viva Magenta tone is to you and how long you are ready to live with it. 

Despite Viva Magenta's cheerfulness and dynamism, it can be domesticated and become a beautiful accent. This fantastic color looks most playful in bright enough lighting and is exquisite in small, cozy rooms. However, remember warmer colors that help create a feeling of comfort, peace and embrace in the house.

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