5 Interior Design Trends That Will Define Fall 2021

Fall is coming. And with it comes a bunch of home decor trends that you can’t miss. We’ve picked five trends that you can use in any room of your home.

Cozy fabrics

In most climates, autumn tends to be a dreary season with neverending cold rain that makes most of us want to cuddle up in a giant blanket with a big bucket of warm cocoa. No wonder cozy fabrics are going to be a big trend this fall. 

Some examples:

– Hand-knitted throws and pillow covers. Knitted textiles are the epitome of coziness: they’re warm and soft, they’re fun to touch, and they conjure up nostalgic memories of Grandma’s house.

– Velvet is a comfortably warm material that feels amazing on sofas, armchairs, and pillows. And it looks great in bold, majestic colors.

– Thick fleece fabrics like Sherpa are fun and relaxing to touch. So if your favorite childhood dream involved being hugged by a giant teddy bear, don’t hesitate to get a Sherpa blanket.


Natural materials

After being locked in our homes throughout most of 2020 and 2021, we crave the outdoors more than ever. And since autumn isn’t always the most appealing season for going outside, interior designers encourage us to decorate our homes with natural materials and textures. Here are some ideas to steal:

– Rattan and other kinds of woven furniture. It comes in beautiful natural colors and provides a delightfully rich texture.

– Natural objects you’ve found when hiking, such as interesting stones or weirdly shaped branches, make unique and fashionable accessories.

– Pots and other objects made of stone or clay. Ideally, consider getting handmade decor - or even make it yourself.


Lots of texture

You’ve probably noticed that we’ve mentioned textured materials a lot. 

No wonder: they’re going to be a major interior design trend in the second half of 2021. 

People are so tired of staring at computers and swiping on their phone screens that they just can’t stop touching rich natural surfaces!

You’re free to combine lots of different textures in a single room, like a faux fur blanket, knitted pillow covers, and a jute rug. No one is going to judge you.


Warm, earthy colors

When you use many rich textures in your home, you don’t need fancy color palettes or lots of contrasting decor. 

This fall, earthy rustic colors are in style: warm white, beige, muted greens, shades of brown, and golden yellows. 

If you’re not sure which paint colors to choose, just look out of your window on a sunny autumn day. 

Nature is the best designer when it comes to color choices.


Lots of plants (real plants!)

The upcoming season is all about bringing nature into your home. And what’s more natural than plants?

If you happen to have fake plants in your living space, get rid of them right now and go buy real ones. 

If you find decorative plants impractical, then at least grow your own herbs such as mint, basil, rosemary, or parsley. 

Fall is the time when we crave comforting, flavorful foods, and fresh herbs can make a huge difference in your cooking.

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