5 Steps To A Perfectly Organized Home Office

Home office organization is a notoriously difficult task. Papers seem to appear out of nowhere, random items pile up on every available surface, and computer cords keep tying themselves into weird knots. Follow this simple process to organize your home office, say goodbye to clutter, and enjoy your new workspace!

Check out this five-step process that will transform your office into a workspace that actually makes you feel productive.

Make room for what matters

Most home offices get cluttered with things that don’t even belong there, like old spam mail or kids’ art supplies. Talk to your family members and explain that dumping random objects in your office space is not a solution.

Then, go through every object in the room and decide if you really need it. Chances are, you’ll discover more than a few broken pens, extra staplers or user manuals for appliances that you no longer use.

Once you’ve eliminated all the things that shouldn’t even be in your office space, it’s time to organize the items that matter.


Use your walls wisely

There’s no such thing as “too much storage space” in an office. And since most home offices are small, you’ll need to think vertically and use the walls. Open shelves or wall mounted cabinets can do wonders - if your room layout allows for it, you can dedicate an entire wall to storage. desk 

It’s true that open shelving can look messy if you store lots of small items. However, a few bins will help you hide the mess and create a clean, organized look.

If you want to keep your office supplies behind closed doors, you can opt for ready-made furniture (kitchen cabinets work great as office storage!) or invest in a custom-made solution that reflects your unique style and fits your needs perfectly.


Set up a filing system

No matter how many paper documents you keep in your office, they deserve a filing system. Otherwise, they just end up all over the place.

If you have a lot of papers to file away, getting dedicated file cabinets is an excellent idea. Otherwise, you can simply get some filing boxes or folders and store them on shelves.

Declutter your desk

A clutter-free desk looks cool and helps you focus on your work. Yes, a messy desk can make you more creative… but you still need to keep your creative chaos under control. After all, you don’t want to spend too much time searching for stuff and getting distracted by random objects.

And you definitely need some uncluttered space for your coffee mug because you don’t want to spill your favorite beverage all over your keyboard!


Add personal touches

Now that you’ve created a functional space with a manageable amount of clutter, it’s time to spice it up! Hang pictures on the wall behind your computer, add your favorite plants, or get fun storage boxes in your favorite colors - everything is allowed! Just don’t put big decorative objects on the desk. 

There’s no need to keep your home office Pinterest-worthy at all times. However, taking simple steps to organize it can do wonders for your productivity.

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