ZARA is a good reference point for trends.


(because the mood is like that)

ZARA is a good reference point for trends. Today I received an email from Zara Home with new products.

You can admire the selected ones.

Not much has changed since the past seasons, they still emphasized tactility, calmness and a certain rusticity (roughness). But the previous ones had more African savagery and ethnicity.

I see more sophistication in these:

- exquisite dishes, fashionable glass cups with bubbles (BIOT will be very popular, grab it if you see it)

- classic furniture (beds, chairs, tables).

- a lot of textiles - covers, pillows, blankets.

- exquisite velvet appears (at H&M it has been a long time, so it`s worth taking!)

The following remain unchanged:

calm (light, but very complex colors of sand, the accent is also calm – light blue or slightly lemon).

harmony and comfort (pillows, blankets, candles, table setting).

natural materials (linen, burlap, cotton, embroidery, wood, velvet).

deliberation. Everything says that you should not hurry, but offers to slow down and enjoy the moment and peace.


traces of time, shabby fabrics. This trend will definitely not slow down. Everything that is dear to your heart, everything that has already lived its life or inherited from your grandmother, save and add vibes of time to your interior.

proximity to nature: greenery, flowers and houseplants.

rusticity also appears in the form of rough wooden benches or pottery, but much less than before. And this is good, because in a dosed amount it looks better))

Mariia Kotenko
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