Designing a newborn's room for longevity

When a baby appears in the house, it is always associated with pleasant troubles. A newborn spends the first year of his life mostly at home; often, at such a time, the rooms are being renovated, and the smallest family member is given a separate room.

Spacious, safe and well lit

What should be the room for the baby? Spacious and well-ventilated! Although the first three to four months, the newborn will spend in his crib or his mother's arms, then he will begin to overgrow, so he will need much free space for games and development.

It is good if the room is evenly lit but not too bright. In this case, natural lighting plays an important role and how well the designers thought out the placement of lamps. Remember that the baby's weak eyes cannot yet adapt to too bright light sources. Curtains made of natural fabrics will help to ensure that the sun's rays are gently scattered. It is also desirable to use warm daylight lamps in electric fixtures.

Your baby's safety should be your number one priority. When renovating a house, choose only ecological, non-toxic materials. Cork, floor, parquet boards, and natural linoleum are suitable for the floor; for walls, you can use paper, non-woven, or liquid wallpaper, as well as water-based paint created specifically for children's rooms. At the same time, it is better not to consider options for installing tensile and heavy plasterboard structures.

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Most needed furniture

You probably already had the opportunity to see how large and impressive the selection of furniture and goods for children is. However, it is worth focusing only on the vital furniture and interior elements because keeping free space for movements, games and activities with the newborn is essential.

When choosing furniture for your child's room, please pay attention to their convenience, environmental friendliness and safety. Choose cots, dressers and lockers made of the most natural materials. All corners on the furniture should be rounded, so your baby does not get injured. In addition, all lockers, shelves, and chests of drawers should be securely attached to the wall so that they do not accidentally fall and harm your child. Young rock climbers, as you know, like to climb up the shelves like a ladder.

A newborn in the first year of life may need the following furniture:Cot or cradle.

• Changing table.

• Locker for storing things.

• Toybox.

• Deck chair.

• Children's electric swing.

• Playpen, etc.

Also, be sure to take care of the place where the mother will feed and rock her baby. So, when buying products for the baby's room, you should pay attention to high chairs, rocking chairs or small sofas.

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Avoid excessive variegation

According to the recommendations of pediatricians and specialists, it is worth designing rooms for newborns in warm, light colors. The best colors are white, beige, and pastel tones of yellow, pink, green, and blue. Such a color range will be pleasant and cozy for both the baby and his mother because these tones can have a calming and relaxing effect on a person.

Professional designers insist that there should be no more than three colors in the interior of a room for a newborn. The interior style depends on the parents' tastes. In particular, in rooms for little boys, you can often see nautical themes, travel motifs, animal images, pictures of nature, etc. Compared to rooms for girls, the design is more strict and restrained. 

If we talk about rooms for newborn girls, this is the future home for a little princess, saturated with white, pink, gold and purple tones. The walls, curtains and furniture are covered with patterns and images of fairy-tale fairies, princesses and magical unicorns. Remember that the decoration of such rooms should be balanced with the number of details, bright spots and variegation because such saturation can have a depressing effect on children. 

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Is it worth using multi-level plasterboard ceilings?

Rooms for newborn boys are usually decorated in a strictly masculine range of colors: brown, blue, gray, and sometimes even black. According to psychologists, these tones contribute to the education of such essential traits as seriousness, initiative and purposefulness in a little man. However, designers should combine them with lighter shades. There can be many ideas for such combinations; however, as mentioned above, the interior of rooms for small boys should be more restrained than in rooms for girls.

When planning the renovation of a room intended for a newborn baby, you should keep the design of the ceiling simple. Even though multi-level plasterboard compositions with lighting look pretty beautiful, according to psychologists, such voluminous elements on the top can psychologically oppress a child and even scare him. In addition, this will increase the number of areas where dangerous dust settles.

Specialists advise not to make the ceiling too bright and not to use details of juicy shades. If the ceiling requires additional repair, it is better to use stretch ceilings. 

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Cleanliness and comfort in the newborn's room

Both dry air and excessively humid air can be harmful to your baby. The ideal indoor humidity for a newborn is between 50 and 70 percent. With an excess or lack of moisture, pathogenic bacteria begin to multiply rapidly. Turning on the air humidifier in winter is necessary to avoid possible troubles. And in the autumn-spring period, the child's room should be aired more often (especially before sleep). 

It will be ideal if you install an autonomous heating system that will allow you to adjust the temperature level in the room independently. A newborn in a light blouse and romper will feel most comfortable at 20-22ºС. An excellent assistant will be a room thermometer to help monitor these indicators.

According to sanitary standards, wet cleaning in the room for a newborn should be done every day. Specialists do not advise using chemicals (varnish, polish, and household chemicals for cleaning).

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