Easy ways to decorate your home for Thanksgiving

It's not Halloween yet, and it's too early to fill your home with ghosts and witches. But you can already add some pumpkins and use other gifts of autumn to create a small but original Thanksgiving decoration.

Perfect colors for your Thanksgiving table

Thanksgiving is that time of year when you have an excellent opportunity to develop creative ideas for interior decoration and continue to complement and diversify the existing decorations in the house. Now you can make it even more festive and implement the first stage of home preparation before the Christmas holidays.

Thanksgiving Day is primarily about family and food, so the most attention should be paid to setting the dinner table and creating comfort and coziness. Setting the table can improve the mood and create a wonderful family atmosphere.

A traditional Thanksgiving meal is roast turkey. Cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, various steamed vegetables, and boiled corn are also served. When decorating the table, give preference to pastel colors, diluting them with orange and red tones. At the same time, metallic and golden shades accents will be very appropriate if the table is made of wood. 

Next to the pumpkins, place creatively decorated rosemary sprigs, thyme, dry autumn leaves, and petite bouquets. Be sure to light white candles or candles decorated with bronze or gold. Pumpkins can be decorated in orange and greenish tones.

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Feel you like an artist

Dried herbs and leaves are one of the best options for decorating a fireplace. On the Internet, you can find many photos with a more or less traditional look of a fireplace festively decorated for Thanksgiving. We suggest you focus on natural decor. Just try adding a small number of dried herbs, which you can buy at the craft store, in a pretty vase.

Try drying flowers yourself — for example, hydrangeas. A garland of autumn leaves and dry flowers will look very attractive and natural. If you don't have enough time to make something like this, you can easily find and order such handicrafts on the Internet. Do not forget about a few cute pumpkins, next to which you can place paintings or posters with autumn landscapes. If you're an artist, challenge yourself to create a memorable Thanksgiving painting.

By the way, a little more about posters. Some designers say that using banners in your home is an excellent way to decorate the interior for Thanksgiving because they will become a beautiful background for group photos. Even a simple image with the inscriptions "Happy Thanksgiving" or "Thank you" is a stylish way to create an atmosphere in the kitchen or dining room. 

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Create some decor with the children

If you have children coming over for dinner, turkey balloons will be cool decorations that you can make together. They are so light and charming. Just order some balloons, colourful feathers, googly eyes, and the rest of the necessary things you probably already have at home. Details on how to make these Thanksgiving decorations can be quickly found on the World Wide Web.

You can also use pumpkins instead of balloons to create holiday turkeys with children. If you've been looking for a greener alternative, this is the option for you.

Also, try turning autumn fruits into exciting place settings. It is inexpensive, simple and gorgeous. Fresh fruits and vegetables are essential to Thanksgiving decorations, and they fill your home with beautiful aromas. And thanks to the different shapes and textures, the table setting looks even more enjoyable.

For making, you can use, for example, gift tags (craft paper is also suitable), twine, and your best calligraphy skills. At this time, it is appropriate to use apples, pomegranates, pumpkins and, of course, pears. If you still crave a bite to eat after a festive dinner, you can eat these fruit place settings.

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Blankets, throws and pillows

Get ready for a joint family rest after the festive dinner. Make sure that the room has enough comfortable blankets, throws and soft pillows. Put a beautiful pumpkin or even several. Having created a cozy and cute interior decor for the living room, which you can work on leisurely throughout the fall, you will quickly and economically make your home warm and as attractive as possible for guests. 

Design specialists advise experimenting and drawing inspiration from nature. Try combining warm colors such as rust browns and greens with more neutral tones. The shades of the autumn season are incredible. According to professionals, it is worth using fallen leaves, collecting pine cones, and bringing home various original twigs. You can use all these elements to create whole compositions for fantastic decorations.

At the same time, you should not focus exclusively on the season's colours. If you want to try something completely new this year, feel free to implement your idea. Along with decorations in orange, brown and amber colors, decor elements in purple, green, blue, gold, and even pink tones will look amazing.

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A new look for your porch

Do not forget to decorate your porch originally. Creating a cozy fall atmosphere for Thanksgiving doesn't take too much effort. Turn pumpkins into fantastic candle holders, add some large scented candles, bring some corn stalks, and add a few hay bales if you want. Your porch will immediately take on a new look.

Another good idea is to make a large autumn wreath from flexible wood. Vine or willow will do; other additional elements you can find in your garden (dry flowers, different leaves and twigs). Similar wreaths will also be appropriate indoors and can be used to decorate mirrors, windows and fireplaces. Your space will be filled with new energy and festive magic.

It is also worth replacing the entrance mat with a more festive one. Unique Thanksgiving rugs can be quickly ordered online. Style it using several small pumpkins. This festive decoration will be noticed and appreciated by everyone!

Some designers advise adding vintage brass candlesticks (to create warm lighting) to the interior and some texture with soft scarves and bulky baskets. A traditional element of Thanksgiving decor is a cornucopia, which can be styled to your liking.

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