How to create the darkest atmosphere of the year

Every year on October 31, fans of mysticism and themed parties worldwide eagerly await the onset of twilight. After all, this is the scariest night of the year! Below we will share some secrets of design ideas in the Halloween style. Have a boo-tiful Halloween!

Spectacular decor can scare away evil spirits

First, a bit of history...
At the beginning of AD, the Romans conquered the territories of the ancient Celts and introduced new traditions. They combined the Halloween holiday with the Day of Remembrance of the Dead. And much later, in the 9th century, the British decided to combine Halloween with the famous Catholic holiday – All Hallows' Eve. This is a short note about where the name of modern Halloween came from. 

Nowadays, the celebration of Halloween, of course, does without creepy Celtic sacrifices but involves large-scale fun. Children and adults dress up in scary costumes and perform exciting masquerades. Over the years, many attributes and symbols of this spooky holiday emerged. The main one is the well-known pumpkin "head." Place a creatively decorated pumpkin with a lit candle inside at the entrance to your home or on your fence that can scare away evil spirits from the house.

This holiday has gained the greatest popularity in America, Australia, Ireland, England and other countries. On the night of November 1, children carol and receive various sweets for this. It is believed that this is the only way to redeem yourself from evil spirits on the year's darkest night.
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Main attributes, color palette and lighting 

The house's interior on Halloween does not necessarily have to be terrifying, and the main thing is that it should interest and beckon with its mystery and mysticism. As already mentioned, the main symbol of All Saints' Day is a pumpkin lamp, better known as a Jack O'Lantern. It is made and decorated considering the characteristics of a particular culture and personal tastes. Cobwebs and dried flowers, skeletons and bones, stuffed ghosts or witches, etc., are very often complementary decorations of the interior.

Halloween's colors, tones and shades are primarily used to celebrate the spookiest night of the year. The most common are black and orange; sometimes, they can be supplemented with violet, red, white, brown, gray and other autumn colors. The most important thing is to create as dark, ominous, creepy atmosphere as possible.

Since the most active Halloween celebration begins at dusk, lighting is a key nuance in creating a unique atmosphere. The main principle is as follows: the more lit candles and small, dim lamps, the better the impression will be. Prefer weak and diffused light. It can best complement the gloomy and mysterious atmosphere of this event.
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Surprise your guests with natural decor

Autumn is considered one of the most beautiful seasons for a reason. So it would be a crime not to use her advantages and gifts in decorating the house on the eve of Halloween. Tree branches, golden leaves, various fruits and berries – all this will be very appropriate and harmonious in the thematic decor. Designers have successfully combined these natural elements with artificial decorations made of plastic or textiles for many years.

Of course, it's time to make a Jack O'Lantern:
– Take a fresh pumpkin and carefully cut off the top of it with a knife.
– Using a spoon, remove all the pulp, which can be used to prepare many dishes.
The further process will be more creative, so turn on your creativity and imagination
– Come up with a funny face and cut it out with a small, sharp knife from the outside of the pumpkin.
– Place a small candle or flashlight inside to illuminate the attribute.
– Come up with some headdresses for your Jack and, if desired, additional decorations.
Nearby you can put a small broom, reminding you of the witch. The witch is quite easily can be made from improvised materials.
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Ideas for stairs and a fireplace

Having thought about how to decorate the interior of your house for Halloween, you need to consider its area and decide which premises you want to turn into "horror rooms." If there are stairs in the house, on the night of November 1, you can place and light many small candles on their steps. However, do not forget about safety and do not leave such many small lights unattended. By the way, small pumpkins are perfect instead of candlesticks. 

Buy decorative stickers and decorate the stairs with blackbirds, rats, ghosts and witches. Many stores now offer attractive decorations for Halloween, so you can stock up on everything you need for stunning home decorations in advance. However, it is not necessary to buy everything, and some things should be made yourself using, for example, black cardboard. Cut out the crows and bats and attach them to the walls and furniture with special safety tape. 

As for the fireplace, in no case should it be left as it is. Decorate it with artificial cobwebs, place figures of ravens on it, and put stuffed witches or death with a scythe next. Massive candlesticks with bright candles and, of course, a decorative pumpkin will look great.
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Terrifying balloons and realistic cobwebs

A wreath made of blackbird feathers will perfectly decorate the front door of your home. Such decorations are pretty popular, so you can easily buy a ready-made wreath in one of the decor stores or try to create it yourself.

If you have run out of ideas on decorating the house for the most sinister holiday, try to come up with more straightforward ideas but with an attractive accent. For example, buy white woollen threads and carefully wrap them around a hanging chandelier to resemble a spider web. You can even create a real spider "jungle" in the room.

A good idea for room decoration on the eve of Halloween is painted balloons. Buy orange balloons, blow them up, and use a black felt-tip pen to draw as scary and funny facial expressions as possible. Such "spirits" will create a fun and festive atmosphere.

Try adding some more cobwebs and another decor in the rest of the rooms. Soak the gauze in a solution of dark gouache with water, then crumple it and dry it thoroughly. Then spread this gauze, tear it in separate places and hang it on the walls and ceiling, making it look as realistic as possible. In addition, you can print some thematic pictures or creepy posters and decorate the interior.
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