How to decorate a house for New Year 2022

New Year is one of the favorite holidays of adults and children. On the eve of this special event, everyone wants to create a memorable festive atmosphere at home, which brings positivity, evokes a premonition of something unusual, encourages you to expect a real New Year's miracle.

Exterior decor of the house

According to the Eastern calendar, 2022 is the year of the Black Water Tiger. When you start decorating your home, this nuance must be taken into account. Gold and silver colors should dominate in New Year's decorations.

First, decorate your home from the outside: a great choice would be garlands that will look impressive on gates, doors and even on the trees that grow near your home. You have to buy garlands that will be protected from moisture and temperature changes.

It is necessary to place some decorations on the front door, especially if you live not in the house, but in the apartment. A great option would be a Christmas wreath, everyone can make it yourself using cones and twigs of conifers. Some people like to put a bunch of tinsel on the door, but in most cases it does not look very beautiful and original, so this idea should be abandoned.

If near your house do not grow conifers, you can place a small flowerpot with several branches of pine or spruce. Do not forget to decorate them in the same colors as the house. Another spectacular life hack is portable flashlights, which will not only perfectly illuminate the area, but also create a mysterious and cozy atmosphere. Do not be afraid to fantasize and experiment.

Hallway and living room decoration

Upon entering the apartment, guests first find themselves in the hallway, which the owner must also stylishly decorate. However, the decor in this room should be restrained and moderate. Do not oversaturate this room with excessive garlands or wreaths. 

Also, according to the recommendations of the designers, the rug near the front door should be replaced with a new, more New Year's one, which will have the appropriate pattern and match the colors of the decorations. However, a cool idea is to hang a large poster in the hallway, on which each of your guests will write his holiday greetings and wishes.

The greatest attention should be paid to the room where your family will spend time at the festive table, that is, the living room. The fireplace can be beautifully decorated with a variety of compositions from the branches of conifers and cones, Christmas candles, as well as colorful satin ribbons. 

If your living room has a high ceiling, you can also hang bright stars on gold threads. Do not forget about window decoration. Cut colored snowflakes and paste them on glass, or create a stencil, apply to the window and paint it with special paints. Windows with curtains made of LED bulbs will look fantastic.

Christmas tree

The smell of New Year's holidays should waft in your house, so it is worth buying scented candles that will help create a fairy-tale atmosphere. You can choose the aroma of pine, vanilla or even citrus.

However, the main beauty of your home on New Year's Eve will, of course, be a Christmas tree. If you do not have the opportunity to place a real tree, no problem, no less amazing you can decorate an artificial Christmas tree or a composition of pine twigs. Silver and gold balls will be appropriate this year, but you can choose any color, the main thing is that they harmoniously match the overall decoration of your home.

When hanging garlands, ribbons or tinsel on your Christmas tree, try to combine decorations of different sizes and textures to make the tree look original. Wider organza ribbons will be appropriate on the lower branches of the tree, and thinner ones can be placed higher. Accenting tinsel will add real magic to Christmas tree toys. This is a great way to make your holiday decor more attractive and bright.

If you want the tree to look simpler, choose plain ornaments and baubles. The number of decorations is unlimited, but beautiful decor is a restrained decor, so do not forget that each element should look harmonious and appropriate.

Children's room decoration

For families with several children, the main room in the house is without a doubt a children's bedroom. Your task is to play with children in a game that involves the festive decoration of the room. Think together about how you can decorate the room in the original way on the eve of 2022. Let this process turn into an exciting game - organize a contest to create the best paper snowflake. Hang colorful appliqués on the walls with fairy tale characters that your children like.

We also advise you to place a box in the children's room, in which your kids will put letters to Santa Claus. The Advent calendar can be a great way to enhance the New Year's atmosphere. Also, preschoolers will be infinitely happy if you lay new bed linen with New Year's patterns - Santa Claus and deer. If your children are older, choose bedding sets with unobtrusive patterns (stars and snowflakes) in traditional colors.

Decorating a children's bedroom is an important stage in decorating the whole house on New Year's Eve. Parents should remember that all decoration should be hung at such a height that the child can not tear them. Each toy should be large so that small things can not fall into the hands of your child. 


More brilliance

If we talk about New Year's trends in 2022, we can highlight the special brilliance of crystals. If you are not satisfied with the minimalism in the decoration of your house, you should take into account this nuance and add a special shine to your Christmas decorations. You can use toys with shining stones, shiny balls, various sequins or stones that will not only be appropriate for the Christmas tree, but also as interior decorations. In particular, they will be a great addition to the New Year's table.

Decorating a house on the eve of the New 2022 is a special moment, because thanks to decorating you will be able to create an incredible atmosphere at home. 

The most important thing to remember when decorating an apartment or house is moderation - do not overdo it with the number of decorative elements, otherwise you will clutter your home and it will not look stylish or original. Choose only those tones that you and your family like. Each decoration should be harmonious and appropriate, the decor should evoke pleasant emotions, create comfort and a festive atmosphere.

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