How to decorate your house for Valentine's Day?

Valentine's Day is one of the most romantic and long-awaited holidays of the year. On this day, everyone tries to create a special comfort and warm atmosphere in his home. Decorating a house or apartment for Valentine's Day is a very exciting and interesting activity.

Wall decor ideas

When thinking about the original decor of the room, special attention should be paid to the walls. If the room is suitable for this, try to build something like a curtain of bright fabric. Next to it you can place such a decor as large figures of hearts. The floor, evenly covered with rose petals, will look very romantic and exciting. Complement the interior decor with beautiful candles and, of course, your favorite champagne and crystal glasses.

Decorating the walls, you can paste romantic posters, hang paintings or collages on the theme of love. If you have enough time and desire, make multi-colored hearts of different sizes yourself. Complement them with love words that you can also attach to the wall after cutting them out of red or pink paper. The panel created on the technology of 3D wall-paper will look incredibly beautiful in your room. The image is very voluminous and seems part of the wall. 

Of course, it is very desirable that the entire decor of the house for Valentine's Day was decorated in the same style. In particular, you can take as a basis the mysterious East, where everything is full of love bliss, beauty and luxury. Cover the walls with a suitable fabric and decorate it with flowers and hearts. 


Celebration on the windowsill

The original decoration of the windows will be a light pink tulle, which will hang to the floor. Festive curtain, complemented by ribbons with boutonnieres, strewn with bright sequins, will be a great element of a romantic interior. Additionally, you can attach decorative hearts and birds to the canvas, and behind the curtain you can place a table lamp, thus creating a special romantic atmosphere.

To make the atmosphere in the room even more romantic, you can open the curtains, slightly opening the window, and artistically decorate the space according to your taste. It will be an incredibly beautiful corner for a joint photo shoot. Hang hearts, flowers and, if necessary, glowing garlands on dry decorative branches placed on the corners of the window sill. In the center of the window sill, create an exquisite composition of candles, flowers and red or pink bows. Do not forget to put gifts for a loved one on the occasion of Valentine's Day. 


Entrance and interior doors

To keep the festive mood throughout the house, make sure that it permeates the guest immediately after entering the hallway – hang a luxurious wreath in the shape of a heart on the front door. You can buy a ready-made wreath or create it yourself from dried vines and flowers. Self-made decoration will look even more fantastic.

On the eve of Valentine's Day, evenly scatter petals of bright red roses on the carpet in front of the door, and put tealights next to it, lined up in a row. Following the rose petals, your loved one will go where you will be waiting for him. It will be original if, walking along this path of love, the guest comes across a few Valentine's cards.

On the occasion of a romantic holiday, cover the interior door with a beautiful velvet or brocade fabric in shades of red and hang a garland of glass hearts of the same color. In this case, it is worth choosing transparent fabrics with shiny threads, flowers and small hearts. In addition, you can borrow ideas for decorating interior and front doors from articles on decorating the house for Christmas and New Year.


Creating a romantic mood with lighting

To elegantly and stylishly decorate your home for Valentine's Day, you need a special approach. One of the most important points is the lighting of the room. As well as romantic interior design, it can give lovers a special mood. It is interesting to create decorations for Valentine's Day yourself, putting all your love into this process.

Thanks to the special lighting (dimmed, intimate light) lovers will be more inclined to intimate conversations, and everything around will be filled with quiet joy. Place large candles in different parts of your home and don't forget to light them before a romantic date. You can also cover the table lamp with a beautiful fabric of red or pink tone, it will create a warm cozy atmosphere. However, there is an even better option. If your home has a fireplace, be sure to take advantage of this. The light of the fire in the fireplace will be the perfect romantic lighting of the room, and will not need any additions.


Festive table decoration

On Valentine's Day, a romantic dinner is undoubtedly the main event for which you should properly prepare. Before setting the holiday table, you should think about what style you will decorate the interior of the room and what atmosphere you want to create. If you choose a classic style, the table setting should be done in white and red tones. Put white and gilded dishes for gourmet dishes, crystal wine glasses for your favorite champagne, candles in chandeliers and, of course, some flowers – red roses.

Think about how to diversify the decor for Valentine's Day with various special little things, how to make the situation even more romantic and unique. In particular, one large red flower on a plate will look really great. Try decorating wine glasses with roses and hearts. Plates with inscriptions about love will look very festive and appropriate on the festive table. You can even decorate champagne and wine bottles in a special way that made them look more romantic.

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