Next year’s aesthetics: a Very Peri interior design

The globally recognized color authority Pantone has named the lavender shade Very Peri the color of the coming 2022. In our article we have considered ways and examples of using this trendy tone in interior design to create comfort, style and atmosphere.

From year to year, Pantone chooses the tones that will be most common in the titles of publications next season. As of today, it is already known that next year's color will be Very Peri – a vibrant dynamic tone, which is a combination of periwinkle, blue, purple and partly red. This tone you will meet everywhere during the next year.

Of course, the color Very Peri will significantly affect the trends of exterior and interior design in the new year, but what was the reason for choosing this tone? Hoping for a feeling of renewal in the next year, Pantone has identified Very Peri as the color of the year, as it should be reminiscent of a changed landscape of opportunity and confidence in new possibilities of the future. Very Peri is a unique combination of loyalty and stability of blue with rich red tones, which gives you the opportunity to change the familiar with something completely new.

If we talk about new trends in decoration and design, Pantone emphasizes that the shade Very Peri is suitable for any material, texture and finish. According to them, this color can add brightness if the furniture, decorations or walls in the room have such a shade. It will be an intriguing, attractive and effective accent in interior design.


How to integrate Very Peri into the interior?

Each room needs a little cozy purple tone and intriguing pale purple decorations. So let's think together about how to integrate Very Peri into a modern interior wisely and without fanaticism:

– Color all over the wall. If you do not like standard white walls, this solution is for you. In particular, the Art Deco style involves decorating the walls in multicolored tones. Also, this style is characterized by rounded corners, concave shapes, as well as clear vertical lines. In the interior of this style you can see various antiques or very expensive things.

– Color emphasis. So that you have no doubt that Very Peri will make the interior of your home more stylish and cozy, you need to add a few color accents. These can be furniture (a small sofa or couch) in the living room or children's room, paintings or a vase in the hallway, and so on. Feel free to experiment, come up with no more than two such color accents, so that the interior you create will only cause admiration.

– Textiles and decoration. Many decorators, stylizing and decorating the space of the room, follow a simple rule - start with textiles. If you want to follow modern fashion trends, but new furniture has already been purchased and the walls have already been 


Triumph of color and geometry in the projects of famous designers

In the central part of Tokyo in the area called Nagatachō, the famous British designer Adam Nathaniel Furman created a fascinating experimental interior, combining various pastel tones and graphic ornaments. 

In turn, the founder of Crosby Studios Harry Nuriev transformed his apartment in New York into a gallery of designer furniture. Prior to that, he and Opening Ceremony developed a collection of clothing, ceramics and furniture. All this was painted, of course, in a trendy purple color.

Harry says that when planning the interior, he was very impressed by the purple color and it became his favorite tone. The designer sees in it playfulness and at the same time majesty. This shade, according to Nuriev, can revive the dead walls of the premises and lift the mood. 

The Masquespacio studio is able to design very bright, inspiring interiors, so it is not surprising that this style was the most appropriate in one of the modern university dormitories Resa San Mamés in Bilbao. Thanks to the clever use of the principle of color blocking, this project has become particularly sophisticated and very successful, even by the standards of Masquespacio, who were never afraid to experiment with the most popular colors.


Very Peri is ideal for boutiques and stores

Now let's move smoothly from the projects of apartments to the design of various boutiques and shops, which also take advantage of the benefits and beauty of purple.

According to the creators of the Tokyo boutique Marni, the interior of the room should resonate with the image of a Japanese garden. The design of the boutique, located in the Omotesando Hills shopping center, is characterized by images and elements close to the Japanese, which are characteristic of the Marni brand. The area of the room is 300 square meters, it is divided into 4 comfortable zones. The lobby is painted in a gentle color Very Peri, women's accessories (numerous handbags and wallets) are in special niches of wavy walls.

In addition, the already mentioned creative bureau Masquespacio used Pantone`s color of 2022 in the design of the new Breathe boutique in Bogotá. Thus, the brand decorated the space of the room in a modern intriguing style, adding an emphasis on "sun and summer".

In order to evoke a summer mood in visitors, studio paid the most attention to the combination of tones: the dominant lavender color is complemented by shades of yellow and green in combination with bright golden elements. 

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