Should you hire an architect or an interior designer?

What is the difference between architects and interior designer, and how do you choose the right professional for your project? No matter whether you’re about to build a new house or just want to replace your sofa cushions - you don’t have to do that on your own. But… who do you call? An architect? An interior designer? A company that offers both architecture and design services? Find out here!

What’s the difference between architects and interior designers?

Architects are generally responsible for the building itself. They make sure your new home is structurally sound so it doesn’t fall over. They also know how to design homes that comply with all relevant building codes, safety rules, and so on. In addition, architects are taught how to plan space and create functional home layouts.

Interior designers focus on what your home looks like on the inside. They help you choose the best flooring, wall finishes, furniture, and textiles for your needs, your style, and your budget.

Some professionals and companies provide both architecture and interior design services.


When should you hire an architect?

Architects build new structures and modify existing ones. So you’ll need an architect when you want to build a house from scratch or renovate your home in a way that involves breaking down walls or building new ones. 

Can’t you just build your own house like your great-grandfather did? Well, designing and building a safe and functional modern home that complies with all legal regulations isn’t easy, so we strongly recommend you hire a professional. Otherwise, you could make costly and dangerous planning mistakes that will be very hard to fix.


When should you consult an interior designer?

Interior designers help create aesthetically pleasing and functional spaces within existing buildings. Hiring an interior designer is a good idea when you’re renovating, buying new furniture, or just trying to change the overall feel of your home.

Of course, you can pick up some design skills from reading blogs and watching home makeover shows, so it’s quite possible to redesign your own home. However, consulting a professional can really help you get your creative juices to flow and find solutions for tricky areas of your home.

An interior designer can also help you avoid expensive mistakes (like planning a kitchen that makes you trip over your own feet when cooking).


Do I need to hire both?

If you have a big project to complete (like building an entire house from scratch), it’s a good idea to assemble a creative team that includes both an architect and an interior designer. They will oversee all aspects of your project: costs, technical specifications, materials, coordinating the work of other contractors, and so on.

You don’t have to worry that a hired team builds something that doesn’t match your vision. Professionals take their clients’ wishes and ideas seriously and they’ll do everything they can to create your dream home.

Where do I find good architects and interior designers?

The answer is pretty obvious: here on Teamwise! Our platform helps you discover skilled professionals from all over the world so you can build your dream team quickly and easily.

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